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  1. Dual Height Practice Mat

    Dual Height Practice Mat

    $319.00 to $375.00

    Now you can have the best of both hitting surfaces with our Dual-Height Practice Mats. This mat has the same construction as our Super-Duty Driving Mats, but adds an 18" wide center portion made from a high density pile - thick enough to push a tee directly into! This mat is perfect for right or left handed golfers, and allows you to hit from either surface. Learn more >

  2. wooden tee adapter and rubber tees

    Rubber Tees


    We offer rubber tees at 3 different heights for use with your hitting mat. Wooden tee adapters allow you to use wooden tees with your mat without damaging the turf. Learn more >

  3. High Density Hitting Mat

    High Density Hitting Mat

    $319.00 to $409.00

    Looks and feels just like real fairway bent grass! You can hit anywhere you want on these mats! The pile is thicker than any other mat we sell - so thick that it will hold a tee on it's own. They feature the same holes on each side for use with standard rubber tees. These mats are ideal for use on grass OR hard surfaces. Also includes our 144 golf ball tray! Learn more >

  4. Medium Duty Mat

    Medium Duty Mat

    $19.00 to $119.00

    Our Medium Duty hitting golf mat is an excellent economical choice perfect for a long lasting backyard golf practice mat. Both the nap and the turf are thicker and more durable than residential hitting mats. The softer gray backing isn't quite as durable as the more rigid black backing of our Super Duty Mats. These mats hold up well, provide cushioning, and are an excellent value for back yard use. 4'x6', 4'x5', and 3'x5' models include rubber tees. Learn more >

  5. Super Duty Driving Range Mat

    Super Duty Driving Range Mat

    $139.00 to $2,175.00

    Our Super Duty Driving Range golf practice mat is perfect for all-day every-day commercial use. This is the golf mat we sell to golf courses and driving ranges and we can supply you with the same golf practice mat, at the same wholesale price. The turf is 30% denser than the turf you'll find in other commercial mats, so it lasts longer. The padding provides outstanding feel, and the ultimate in durability.

    Driving Range Package contains:
    • (12) 4'x6' Super Duty Driving Range Mats
    • (12) Golf Ball Trays
    Learn more >

  6. Commercial Golf Ball Tray

    Commercial Golf Ball Tray

    $29.00 to $192.00

    A great addition to any golf mat or golf net. This tray holds up to 144 balls so you can keep them out of the way when you're swinging, but close for when you're ready for your next shot. Learn more >

  7. Golf Mat Alignment Tool

    Golf Mat Alignment Tool

    Just about every golfer has used a golf club on the driving range to help with alignment. It's pretty effective and the price is right, but there are a couple of problems with this. The first problem is that every time you touch the club with your foot, it moves. You may not even notice a very slight kick, but it doesn't take much to move a golf club laying on a mat. Often the mat moves when you swing. So while you think you are practicing with perfect alignment, you may be off a couple of degrees without realizing that your club has moved. The second problem is that while the shaft is straight, the club head takes off at an angle, which can throw off your visual cues, and again makes proper alignment more difficult. So, we came up with a little alignment tool to help out. It's pretty simple. The clips slide over each end of the mat, and slightly tensions a bungee cord which produces a straight line that can easily be adjusted to almost any angle. It stays put until you decide to change the angle, and the visual cues are perfect! Learn more >

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