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  1. Institutional Frame System

    Institutional Frame System

    $350.00 to $390.00

    These systems can be installed permanently in the ground, or free-standing with the included ground sleeve kits. Ideal for golf courses, schools, or individuals who want an even stronger frame setup - and more flexible installation options. Installation Option One: Permanent (in-ground) sleeves can be mounted just below the surface of the ground in cement footings. Installation Option Two: In lieu of the ground sleeves, we'll furnish additional tubing for the bottom perimeter, more like a typical cube frame. Learn more >

  2. Institutional Frame Corner Kit

    Institutional Frame Corner Kit


    For use with our Institutional Pole Kit (1-5/8"). These powder coated black corners hold up very well to strong sun or rain, and look great for years to come.

    • (6) 3 way corners
    • (2) 2 way corners
    • All hardware and fittings
    • Cage hangers & snap clips
    Learn more >

  3. Ceiling Frame Kit

    Ceiling Frame Kit

    The ceiling kit allows you to suspend your golf cage from the ceiling. The kit includes black powder coated tubing, polycarbonate corner connectors, straps, and all hardware necessary to hang your netting from the framework. Note: This kit is designed to be installed to the ceiling structure of the room - you must be able to screw into wood or metal studs. Learn more >

  4. 10'x10'x10 Complete Golf Cage Frame

    10'x10'x10 Complete Golf Cage Frame

    Kit consists of an aluminum Corner Kit and 1-3/8" Frame Poles. Includes black powder coated poles with push pin quick connects. This frame option is ideal for those who need a strong frame, and may need to take it down periodically. Perfect for trade show use, and an excellent choice for use indoors or out. The kit includes all the fittings, set screws, and directions you'll need. Learn more >

  5. 1-3/8" Frame Poles

    1-3/8" Frame Poles

    These poles are designed for use with either our cast aluminum frame kits - ideal for those who need a strong frame and may need to take it down periodically. Learn more >

  6. Institutional Pole Kit

    Institutional Pole Kit

    Our 22 piece Institutional Pole Kit uses bigger diameter tubing for large golf cages and heavy duty applications. The 5' tubing sections are 1-5/8" (42mm) O.D. black powder coated steel and are designed for use with our heavy duty welded steel fittings. Button type spring pins make assembly a snap! This is the same tubing we use for our commercial grade batting cages, and is used in many custom cage applications as well. Learn more >

  7. Mongo Pole Kit

    Mongo Pole Kit

    There are some great reasons to consider purchasing a tubing kit for your golf cage. Right now you can expect to pay between $2.50-3.00/ ln ft. for the recommended 1-5/8" material. There's approximately 140-150 feet of tubing needed for this giant cage. You could spend part of a day making phone calls to locate and arrange delivery of the material - not to mention the time it could take to measure and cut it to the right lengths. We know you'd rather get to practicing, so let us do the work for you. We make up literally hundreds of these kits each year and along the way we've learned what works and what doesn't. Our kits break down into 5' sections to save you on shipping and to make assembly easier. The black powder coated finish looks fantastic and will last a very long time. Once you weigh the costs and benefits, we think you'll see the value in purchasing our tubing kits. Learn more >

  8. Cast Aluminum Frame Corner Kit

    Cast Aluminum Frame Corner Kit

    This upgraded fitting kit is ideal for those who need a strong framework, but may need to take it down periodically. This is the perfect option for trade show use, and an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor cages. This kit includes all the fittings, set screws, and instructions you'll need to set up your frame. You will need to supply 1-3/8" galvanized tubing, or equivalent. 1-3/8" galvanized tubing is more than twice as strong as 1" EMT conduit, and more than 3 times as strong as 3/4" EMT conduit. Since this tubing is commonly used as the top rail for chain link fencing, you can find it at your local home improvement store such as Lowe's™ or Home Depot™, or you can source it through your local fencing supplier. Learn more >

  9. Stake-Down Kit

    Stake-Down Kit

    If your golf cage is going to be exposed to any amount of wind or inclement weather, we strongly suggest securing your cage down with this kit. The stakes have been designed with special bends and kinks to resist pulling out of the ground. Includes 100' of black poly rope and carabiner clips for easy attachment. Learn more >

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