Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make custom netting products?

Absolutely! We are good at it too! We've done custom driving range netting, massive commercial golf cages, indoor practice range facility netting, and so much more! Want to protect the windows on your house from a stray golf ball? No problem. We can do that too. Contact Us and let's discuss your needs.

Does my golf net come with poles?

Some do, some don't, so read everything carefully! If you are in the Golf Netting category, those do NOT come with poles or cage framework. If you intend to hang your golf net indoors, you don't need poles. Golf Cage Packages have packages some with poles, some without. The Bentley, the Cadillac, the Harley, the Hurricane, and the Catch-All come with complete framework. On the other hand, the Mongo, the HD Commercial Golf Cage, and the Commercial Cage do NOT.

What is an impact panel?

An impact panel serves two main purposes. When used in combination with a complete golf cage, the impact panel provides an extra layer of protection for your golf cage. This way, if you wear out your impact panel, you can replace that at a lower cost than replacing the whole cage net. Secondly, some people use ONLY an impact panel for practice (rather than a whole cage setup). While the 4 sided cage works well at keeping balls contained, impact panels can be a more flexible option. You can hang it indoors, between two trees in your yard, and easily adjust it up or down. If you choose to only use an impact panel, make sure you leave enough room between the net and any surrounding structures. We recommend a minimum of 2 ft, but the more space, the better. The net needs to move to absorb the impact of the ball.

What is a lead line?

A lead line is simply a little extra weight added to the bottom of a net to keep it stationary. Lead lines can be helpful if you live in a windy area.

Is there anything I can do to prolong the life of my product?

As mentioned earlier, Impact Panels are a great way to add an extra layer of protection to your golf cage net. Additionally, the number one factor that adds to quicker wear with golf netting is a damaged golf ball. After repeated use, golf balls can get sharp edges or become abrasive. Sharp edges and netting do not mix. Inspect your golf balls prior to use and toss any damaged ones.

Ok, I ordered, how do I install my product?

We try and send out instructions with our products, but if you don't have them or need another set, visit our installation page.