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  1. 3x3 Delta Target

    3x3 Delta Target

    This target is hand made from the same material used in our very best impact panels, and also in our golf simulator cages. The Delta material is very quiet upon impact, and will outlast almost any other material used in golf cages today. Features a heavy duty machine-stitched webbing border with cleated brass grommets at the top for easy installation into your cage. Available in Green or Black (specify at checkout). Learn more >

  2. Swing Speed Radar

    Swing Speed Radar

    $119.95 to $149.99

    Optimize your club head speed with Swing Speed Radar™. Optional Tempo Measurement monitors swing consistency by measuring actual tempo time from club takeaway to ball impact.
    • Measure your swing speed with Doppler radar
    • Monitor your swing consistency
    • Includes velocity feedback when trouble-shooting your swing
    • Determines your optimum swing speed for distance, control and accuracy
    • Determines the club characteristics that achieve the best results
    • Monitor the effects of changes in your mechanics on your swing performance
    Learn more >

  3. wooden tee adapter and rubber tees

    Rubber Tees


    We offer rubber tees at 3 different heights for use with your hitting mat. Wooden tee adapters allow you to use wooden tees with your mat without damaging the turf. Learn more >

  4. 3x3 Target

    3x3 Target

    Our durable handmade targets features a white center stripe made from a fine nylon mesh, which is quiet when the ball strikes it. The black outer stripes are made from a heavy black tarpaulin material, which makes an audible "pop" when contacted. The target provides the golfer with instant audible shot feedback without the golfer needing to look up to see where his or her ball went. If the shot is quiet, the ball hit the center strip. If the shot makes a pop, the shot is off-line. Features a heavy duty machine-stitched webbing border with cleated brass grommets at the top for easy installation into your cage. Learn more >

  5. Bungee


    $0.50 to $15.00

    Our 6" ball-end bungee loops are a great way to quickly fasten a netting panel to your framework. These work especially well with the Delta panels, or any panel that has a web border and grommets. May also be used with rope borders. Color: Black Learn more >

  6. Cast Aluminum Frame Corner Kit

    Cast Aluminum Frame Corner Kit

    This upgraded fitting kit is ideal for those who need a strong framework, but may need to take it down periodically. This is the perfect option for trade show use, and an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor cages. This kit includes all the fittings, set screws, and instructions you'll need to set up your frame. You will need to supply 1-3/8" galvanized tubing, or equivalent. 1-3/8" galvanized tubing is more than twice as strong as 1" EMT conduit, and more than 3 times as strong as 3/4" EMT conduit. Since this tubing is commonly used as the top rail for chain link fencing, you can find it at your local home improvement store such as Lowe's™ or Home Depot™, or you can source it through your local fencing supplier. Learn more >

  7. Institutional Pole Kit

    Institutional Pole Kit

    Our 22 piece Institutional Pole Kit uses bigger diameter tubing for large golf cages and heavy duty applications. The 5' tubing sections are 1-5/8" (42mm) O.D. black powder coated steel and are designed for use with our heavy duty welded steel fittings. Button type spring pins make assembly a snap! This is the same tubing we use for our commercial grade batting cages, and is used in many custom cage applications as well. Learn more >

  8. 1-3/8" Frame Poles

    1-3/8" Frame Poles

    These poles are designed for use with either our cast aluminum frame kits - ideal for those who need a strong frame and may need to take it down periodically. Learn more >

  9. Carabiner Clips

    Cage Hangers and Carabiner Clips

    $35.00 to $49.00

    If you need to take the net up and down periodically, carabiners are indispensable. The spring loaded clip makes removal and reinstall simple and quick.

    Net Hanger Kit Includes:
    • (50) carabiner clips
    • (50) 30" cords
    Learn more >

  10. Golf Mat Alignment Tool

    Golf Mat Alignment Tool

    Just about every golfer has used a golf club on the driving range to help with alignment. It's pretty effective and the price is right, but there are a couple of problems with this. The first problem is that every time you touch the club with your foot, it moves. You may not even notice a very slight kick, but it doesn't take much to move a golf club laying on a mat. Often the mat moves when you swing. So while you think you are practicing with perfect alignment, you may be off a couple of degrees without realizing that your club has moved. The second problem is that while the shaft is straight, the club head takes off at an angle, which can throw off your visual cues, and again makes proper alignment more difficult. So, we came up with a little alignment tool to help out. It's pretty simple. The clips slide over each end of the mat, and slightly tensions a bungee cord which produces a straight line that can easily be adjusted to almost any angle. It stays put until you decide to change the angle, and the visual cues are perfect! Learn more >

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